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Monday, September 16, 2013

Tomorrow I will go and see my cancer doctor who will carry on again because I don't have anyone with me.
I've told him I'm completely alone in the world, I have no one to bring, but he doesn't get it.
I've even given him a copy of a very good summation of AS behaviour, but he probably hasn't bothered to read it.
Doctors are among the worst offenders in regard to lack of understanding of AS, and the need to treat aspies with dignity and respect.
I've been made to feel by some doctors that I am some sort of alien needing to be studied and examined at arm's length.
If I say anything that to them sounds a bit weird, I am relegated to the box marked 'mentally ill' and not taken seriously.
It is such an insult, such an outrage.
All done behind closed doors.

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