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Monday, September 16, 2013

There is no government support for adults with Asperger's Syndrome in Australia.
The peak autism organisation in the country, ASPECT, is just a couple of kilometres away from where I live, yet it is of no help.
It only supports children with AS and their families.
There is an organisation dedicated to assisting aspies, but it is in another state, in Brisbane, Queensland.
They organised a workshop in Sydney earlier this year with Temple Grandin as the keynote speaker which I attended.
But I need some one-on-one 'hands on' help.
Before my health started to declined, I needed a mentor, someone to help me get my thoughts in order, so I could stop floundering through life like a rudderless ship.
I find it hard to get things done and keep going around in circles because the 'executive function' of my brain does not work properly.
That is a characteristic of AS.
Now I need a carer.
The former Labor government's National Disability Scheme has been launched in pilot form in the Hunter Valley, but I've been told by the time it gets to Sydney, I will be ineligible because I will be over the age of 65.
Surely there are university students doing special needs courses who could assist adult aspies as part of their coursework and training.
Maybe I need to make this suggestion to the relevant academics.

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